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Professor Zlickck pills:
Leica's first hybrid EVF is coming soon - The Leica M12-H*


Will Leica produce an EVF or hybrid EVF soon?



Leica M12H* with H-EVF finder.



First things first:
If Leica had stayed at 24MP with its M cameras, Professor Zlickck would have argued that Leica would not need an integrated EVF (Electronic View Finder).

But since their M10-R and M11 models have become high-MP cameras, Leica will be forced to quickly change its view/rangefinder concepts as well.

Anyone who has used cameras with over 30MP knows how frustration can grow proportionally to the number of MP (blurred image details due to shaking hands, shutter movement or failure to focus, etc...).

Professor Zlickck believes that Leica M cameras will also be affected by this unpleasant effect.
So Leica will have to adopt the technical measures to adress these problems in their M line cameras too.
Better and enlargable rangefinders, with enlargeable focus points and/or electronicaly assisted focusing support systems. Thus they will need electronic/hybrid view finders.
But the future Leica Ms will also need vibration reduction systems.

Furthermore, he doesn't think the plastic Visoflex EVF's - unsightly compared to M cameras - will be around for long.
It's only a matter of time before Leica M users also have their integrated H-EVF.


Below you'll find a series of images to illustrate the advantages of the new M12-H* EVF


Leica M12-H* with H-EVF finder.
View through the H-EVF finder with a Summilux 50mm f/1.4 lens.
The green rangefinder patch and brightline indicate the correct focus.
Further more - few important informations are given to the photographer.



Leica M12-H* with H-EVF finder.
The red rangefinder patch and brightline indicate a missed focus.



Leica M12-H* with H-EVF finder.
The green rangefinder patch and brightline indicate a correct focus while the red numbers indicate a low shutter speed warning.



The new hybrid EVF will be very useful!

Imagine you would like to use a 40mm or a 52mm lens.
The EVF will allow you to set the focal lenght and the camera will adapt the bright lines accordingly (also for vintage lenses from other brands).


Leica M12-H* with H-EVF finder.
View through the H-EVF finder with Olympus Pen 40mm f/1.4 lens.


The EVF can also be used in electronic mode only.
For example to enlarge the whole image as recorded by the sensor.
The use of wider or longer lenses such as fisheye lenses, 15mm, 21mm or 105mm, 200mm, 300mm will be vastly facilitated by an EVF.

But here it is to mention, that in the very moment, that people will try to use longer lenses on their Leica M body, the will encounter the next problem - ergonomics!


Leica M12-H* with H-EVF finder in electronic mode.
View through the H-EVF finder with a still-not-existing "Ultra-Noctilux 105mm f/1.4 APO" lens.



So Professor Zlickck predicts it will be a hybrid EVF and it is going to be very soon!

Whether Leica M12 will receive an inbuild H-EVF remains to be seen, but due to the recent increase in MP and technological advances in EVF screens, the chances of this happening are higher than ever.



Last but not least:
Zlickck would find utterly delightful for Nikon to bring back a digital fullframe S-line rangefinder with such a novel H-EVF.
And sure enough the Professor wouldn't be alone in wanting to buy one. So Nikon, wake up an give Zlickck a Nikon SP2-D!


Professor Zlickck sends his warmest regards.



(*) Indicates that no such "Leica M12-H* exists to date.

This article is a deductive rumor.
Lightintuition has no information on any Leica camera plans.

Images of the H-EVF were created using a Leica M4, a Sony Experia phone and playing around with affinity photo.


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